Sunday, February 06, 2005

Evergreen rulz!!!! At first, i thougt it was not that good. But in the end it seems to be ok! ilike the skool. the seniors are friendly.... No offence, EZZATI AND KAK MARSH[ kak marshlinda] to me i reali like Abg Juraizat andAbg redha's attitude. they are very nice guys actually.... i am damn happie... i got choosen 4 the netball team, mrs tan eventhough being dislipline mistress, she is so cool.... so funny!!! secondly i got choosen 4 NCC!!! Yipee.... so cool........ i reali love NCC. i dun no what will happen to me if i dun get selected. i feel so sad!!! nvm... i got to go anyways continue 2morrow.......

Taufik My Idol`3:33 AM

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sori dat i had not been writing still...

MY cuz is migrating 2 Australia...
N i m going 2 migrate in 2 YEARS' TIME!!!
gUD bYe SinGaPoRe.....!!!!!!!
i GoNnA MIss U LoTs...
WaH!!! Boo Hoo!!

Taufik My Idol`7:04 AM

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Yo!!!! I am so bored... There's completly nothing to do... Tommorow is monday and i am going to my secondary school 2morrow.... SIGH,,,,, i just do not want to go 2 skool!!! I bought the thing u noe 4 bang fik's CD...That they sell in causeway. Which mean's u pay 4 the cd first, give u a ticket...if u buy just the cd on the day it self u just get the cd.. but if u buy the ticket u will get a calendar of him... all his pics on every month!!! so my mum bought it 4 me... And the best thing is 4 every 1 tickets u buy they give u 2 FREE TICKETS TO BANG FIK'S THANK U PARTY AND ONE OF HIS CONCERT!!! Great than i can bring FATIN along!!!!!!! I can't wait... they told me 2 check the new paper on the 10 of January to make sure that the cd would be in stores on the 11 of January... A nd i noe just the perfect present to get my very Bes Fren 4 her belated B'DAE on the 15 of January!!! TAUFIK BATISAH'S CD!!!! So fatin keep ur itchy hands away from bang fik's cd cause i'm buying them 4 u!!!

Taufik My Idol`1:09 AM

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Fatin i wish i could say this to u face 2 face, but i can't. If u read tis, i hope u understand me. Dun misunderstand!!!! U reali have changed alot after wif that ATIQAH!!!! Common, u r acting reali WIERD!!! I do not noe how 2 put this but u are not the FATIN RAIHANA i noe!!!!!!U r so different?!! U r becomin aysha no.2, GAL!!!!!! SO PLS CHANGE!!!?? I do not want to hurt u, and i do not want to be long winded... So pls change!!!!

Taufik My Idol`1:25 AM

Hi!!!!! only my bes fren noes that my uncle is TAUFIK BATISAH!!!!! I reali cannot believe it.... oh my godness. AND FATIN,,,,, ALWAYZ REMEMBER THAT U WILL ALWAYZ BE MY BES FREN AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT!!!!!!

Taufik My Idol`1:19 AM

Friday, December 31, 2004

2 my bes fren..

i dunnoe wat kind of skin u wan but dis is much i can do..
remember tt u will always be my 1st bes fren. Nutti will change tt... Nobody can take us away fr each other until fate says so... 1 more thing, dun be mad is i had not put a tagboard there.. i m very the lazy la... I do it wen i had the time so rite now .... Toodles.. Enjoy...

Taufik My Idol`11:02 PM


Evergreen sec`
Bes fren,Fatin`
Lyk 2 sing`
Support Liverpool`




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